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AM PM Ideal Pet Care, We operate with expertise and care. We are the animal hospital in Norwalk that provides from daily routine veterinary service to pet emergency service. We offer quality veterinary care with ideal and affordable price.
AM PM Ideal Pet Care is the animal hospital in Norwalk that provides daily routine veterinary service to pet emergency service. We offer quality veterinary care with ideal and affordable price.* Free Physical Exam may provide you with an affordable option. Dr. Scott Lee, with his additional training in small animal surgery, may assist in your pet’s need * Not valid on Sundays. Please come in for free surgical consultation. Our clinic is a walk-in clinic where your pet can be seen in the same day.

Veterinary Services in Norwalk, CA

Dr. Scott Lee

Dr. Scott S. Lee was born in Korea and immigrated to America when he was young. To him, becoming a veterinarian was a part of his family tradition as his grandfather was a pioneer in veterinary medicine in Korea. As a little child, he remembers being taken to a zoo where his grandfather showed him how to assist zebra giving birth to a baby zebra. Since then, he was determined to be a veterinarian, following his grandfather’s foot step. He went to high school and college here in LA area and decided to go back to Korea to start his veterinary education. He completed his veterinary doctoral degree at GyeongSang National University in 2008. When he completed his doctoral degree as a veterinarian, he had a strong desire and thirst to pursue his education in one special area of small animal veterinary practice, namely small animal surgery.

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This is how clients feel about Dr. Lee

Thank you Dr. lee! am pm ideal pet care
Words cannot express how thankful my husband and I are for being led to you to save our Noah’s life…
Noah’s mommy and daddy
Dr. Lee, I can see in you, your love of animals and the work you do…
Patches mom, Corley
I wanted to thank you patiently answering all of our questions…
Stefani and Jason
Words are not express how thankful I am…
Monica, Bunny mom
I am so grateful to have you as my vet
Valued Client
Thank you for extraordinary for saving my dog
Dear. Dr. LeeThank you for your passionate care for our dog Belle!We are so Thankful to have you as our vet!
Minh, Gracey, Carol, Belle and Rocky
Dr Lee, I really appreciate everything you have done.
-Bolt-T Veit-
Your generosity was such a gift and will always be remembered… kind hearts like yours are so rare and precious and will always be appreciated. Thank you
Samson mommy, Jay Moralusa
Thank you Dr. Lee for your kindness, patience, and understanding during such a rough experience for Piper and our family.
Piper’s family(The Bandomillo’s)
Dr. Lee, I just wanted to thank you for doing your very best for Shaka. I knew that he may not make it due to age and all but he was worth every penny to us. The caring and explaining to us about Shaka meant the world to me and I wish human doctors had the care and style that you have. GOD bless you and I’ll see you with my other 4 dogs which Shaka was truly the Alpha dog of them all. Thanks again!
Liana Towner and Jackie Towner
My family and I would like to thank you very much for taking great care of our dogs especially “ ChaCha”. We are so pleased to have had a trustworthy veterinarian to care for her.
Liana Towner and Jackie Towner

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